More Than…

I’m more than the sum of my descriptors.  I’m a woman who is passionate and opinionated, brilliant with incredible flashes of stupidity and awkwardness, loving and caring and brutal and abrasive.  I am nothing like anyone you’ve ever experienced before… just like everyone else.  I consider myself a classic dichotomy (contradiction) in most areas of my life and personality, but I believe that everyone is to a degree.

What I really am is a Sharer.  I like to share my thoughts, my feelings, stories that touch me or that make me angry, things I’ve learned from others, things I’ve learned through experience, passions that I have, and anything else that comes up.  I don’t have a “niche”.  I share it all with very few verbal filters.  For good or ill… what you’ll find here is sharing.

It’s that simple.  And that complex.


I’m a mom.  I’ve held this job title for more than half my life now.  The way it’s pronounced by the people I manage has changed a bit over the years… from Ma-ma to Mommy to Momma to just plain Mom (sometimes accompanied by an eyeroll or a foot stomp), and so has the job description, but this “job” has been the one constant since the day my eldest daughter Anna was forced screaming into the world when I was 17.

I’ve been a “working mom” (what mom isn’t?) and a “stay at home mom” and a “single mom” and a “disabled mom” and a “stepmom” and a “blogger mom” and a “neighborhood mom” (that’s when all the kids in the neighborhood are at your house so much they start calling you mom).   I think I’m pretty well versed in all of the various functions that we moms have to perform over the course of our children’s lives.

This website is my way of offering support and encouragement to all of the other moms who wear 1000 hats and have 1000 job titles that end in mom.  It’s also my touchstone for the next phase of my mom life.

There are going to be triumphs.  There are going to be spectacular failures.  There are going to be days that I wonder what the heck I was thinking.  This is my haven for all of those things.  Because I know that others feel this way and maybe feel alone in their struggles… and triumphs.

So, thanks for visiting.  Welcome.  I understand you and this place on your journey.  Let’s chat and remind one another that we’re not alone … and other people really GET the enormity that fits into those three words… “I’m a mom.”